#edited: no III

We’ve selected and edited a few stories for you, featuring incredibly talented artists and photographers. Enjoy the Vision!



    Discover the full edit of our Berlin Design Talents in the current shooting “Overchill” by AFA Agency in collaboration with the DACH Showroom.

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    Berlin, die Stadt der Exzentriker und Spießer, der Frei- und Kleingeister. Eine Stadt, der ich genauso viel zu erzählen habe, wie sie mir täglich ungefragt entgegenschleudert. An dich meine einzige große Liebe, bisher…

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  • MOONSTRUCK – The Editorial

    In the moony mood again? Get inspired by this expedition to the moon and back and discover what the berliners will wear next spring. The city never sleeps…

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    This is a merry go-around of personal thoughts and questions to Wei Ding. You can answer them alone or ask your friends. Feel inspired and leave a comment.

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    Meet Pawel Szvmanski—some might already heard of him, or seen in VOGUE ITALIA—and JR Kopa in our latest pre-fall #EDIT

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The problems I have with a flawed script are always revealed in the editing room.

Xavier Dolan

  • #Mix #Vinyl: Critical Poetry

    Diesen Monat gibt es satte Avant-Garde Beats inklusive kritischer Texte und Diversity par exellance.

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