Synthetic Garden Artificial Intelligence

The Summer has been flying away like it’s scent on a gentle breeze and springs far ahead. What could be a better time to dream of a sacred garden for ’22/23.

The Queen of the Alien Tribe

Welcome, you are landed on Planet Earth. Treat it and yourself, as well as others with respect and choose wisely. You will be presented with earthly delights and concepts from the outaspace. You may be #wyld on your journey, but face the beauty as well as the history of this planet.

Walk trough the main stages with grace and dignity, follow the path to the gardens and mind the gaps between the palace steps and wellow gateways. Dance on top of the world and in every ballroom with delight and joy. But don’t buy cheap bullshit. Thoughtful design and quaility is a key to success and constant change.

Don’t forget to put a jacket on…

Layers over layers you will discover that trues within you is universal and there will others feeling with you. The art about is to find a stable balance between you and the world. How much impact do you want to leave and will you follow your own vision?

La Vie en Rose…

If you’re dress well, you will feel well. If you dress how you feel, the might be an artist. The liberty however is the privilege to choose or safe up for something you really want and not something that won’t last one season.

So let’s take care of this garden and our earthly delights with excellence and plaine perfection. Making the right decision will never be easy, but worth the process and the results, will be worth waiting as season after season the gardens grow into something bigger.

Let the sunshine in…

It never had to be this season to be a success. If designs sustains cycles, it certainly has the right to exist. However recyled materials, re-use and upcycling are always a recipe to sustain closet, a clear conciousness and to support the climate.


Sylwana Zybura

Tomas C. Toth

Talent & Make-Up:

Juliette Catelle