Necklace No 17: The Melting Coin

If you ask me, I could definitely use an update on my lucky charms. Tada: Johanna Gauders contemporary answer to my request.

It was indeed a hot summer this year. But this coin is melting for other reasons than global warming or the leak in the gas pipeline. In my case it’s quite a joy to have something warding off bad news or other broad bullshit. This 925 sterling silver Necklace by Berlin jewelry designer Johanna Gauder is most definitely a exclusive signature piece trough life in style and worth the investment of 270€.


Gauder works with recycled materials and keeps on the tradition of contemporary design within the values of quality, longlivity as well as the state of the art. Something I personally and most definitely recommend in times of trough away plastic jewelry and other cheap accessories with a short lifespan. Besides the necklace also her other collection pieces capture the zeitgeist of the here and now. With already six collections and many other stunning design collaborations Gauder has a certain popularity within the influencia. This specific necklace no 17. however has got my attention on detail and iconic design.


925 sterling silver

Details & Sizes

Made of a 3.4 mm wide link chain. The necklace has a length of 59 cm. The diameter of the pendant is appr. 20 mm.

Made in Germany


270,00 €

Add, unbeauftragt weil gefällt.