Happy As A Clam

Not for you grandma, but definitely worth to…

Pearls come and go, but their timeless style is desired to give any outfit a perfect touch of old school glamour. While they often look quite waspie or remind us of class mates with rich parents, Berlin designer Saskia Diez updated them in a very sophisticated and avant-garde way. Playing with different sizes and the natural shape oft he pearls, the 14 karat gold also makes a difference: it’s recycled and the statement pieces are all made in Germany, supported by local suppliers. These pearls are not for your Grandma, but definitely worth to give them to your own grandchildren in sometime. △

Saskia Diez: New Perls

Starting from 289€ 

Credits: Model: Ann Kuen / Photography: Sima Dehgani / H&M: Arzu Kuecuek