Illuminating Fluid by Saskia Diez x Dr. Hauschka

A touch of gold highlights, what deserves to be highlighted. Dsciver the exclusive Collab between the Berlin Jewelry designer and Dr. Hauschka.

The Midas Touch

For those of you with an exluive taste and an eye for locally produced treasures we highly recommend the Illuminating Fluid. The skin care line creates a unique glow: from subtle to intense midasalike luminous. Shimmering pigments reflect the light to create a natural highlight. A limited edition product by Dr. Hauschka with a touch of gold from Berlin Jewelry Designer Saskia Diez. Oh and btw. Sakia Diez works with locally collected and recycled gold, to sustain other local businesses.

In just the same way that jewellery highlights an individual’s personality, a highlighter adorns the skin with a golden shimmer. I drew on this connection with the design of the Illuminating Fluid and rendered it visible with splashes of gold.

Saskia Diez

I work alone when creating the designs, but personal exchanges are really important to me when it comes to implementation. It’s wonderful that the Dr. Hauschka team shares my understanding of an open and equal partnership. We worked really well as a team. I visited the company and its traditional medicinal herb garden and got to experience first-hand how much knowledge and teamwork goes into every product.

Saskia Diez