Still looking for the perfectly versatile bag for a night out AND the following Sunday brunch? Well, if your still haven’t found the ONE yet, we highly recommend this calfskin leather bag, full moon or half moon by the Swiss luxury brand VELT, available in black or white but also in nude, brown or blue. For those who haven’t heard before; the moon always has been the symbol for female energy, since the beginning of cultures and inspiration for many powerful women in history. She’s female in french and most other roman languages. Also the keeper or main “planet” of the zodiac sign cancer, responsible for creative forces. So let the moon rise and make a moony statement, while you’re casually day dancing at the Berghain. △


VELT Full Moon, 289 €
& Half Moon Bag, 379 €

Images Dan Zoubek | Model: Lea Rösch | Hair & Makeup: Servullo Mendez | via PR


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