Bark Berlin Gallery: exhibtion Novus

A new group exhibition at the Bark Berlin Gallery unveiles the distinct personal styles of the artists, spanning an abstract feeling of light and darkness.


The current exhibition marks the opening of the Bark Berlin Gallery after the summer break, featuring a group exhibition of paintings by four artists from Israel, Porto in Portugal, Bristol in England, and Gijon in Spain. The focus is mainly on small formats created using oil on canvas. The artworks showcase a diversity of themes and subjects, ranging from serene and flat gestures to bold and expressive brushstrokes.

The exhibition unveils the distinct personal styles of the artists, spanning from depictions of absent figures and empty spaces to portraits and landscapes blending into intricate, carpet–like abstractions through interplay of light. The expressive forms vary from subdued pastel tones to vibrant full colors.

About Novus:

David Abbott is a painter based in Bristol, specializing in landscape representations. His works are characterized by a serene expression that portrays landscapes in a manner that presents a distinct essence and character for the viewer to contemplate. The landscapes are not merely seen as static backdrops but as living entities that we can animate with our gaze and psyche.

Claus Voss Cordeiro, born in Kiel and raised in Brazil, is a contemporary artist currently based in Porto, Portugal. His works are characterized by a diverse array of motifs on small formats. Among these motifs are street scenes basked in midday sunlight, with interplays of light and shadow, palm trees, and deserted environments that exude a tranquil atmosphere. The depictions also encompass park areas from the immediate surroundings, as well as subjects such as pyramids or Sphinx statues bathed in gentle light.

Juan Fernández Álava, a graduate of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, mainly focuses on portraits in reserved poses and color compositions in his works. The individuals convey their stories primarily through their body language, gaze, clothing, and gestures. Everything is greatly simplified and often revolves around waiting, anticipating, or resting moments.

Ofir Dor is a painter from Israel who has been based in Berlin for 7 years. His works are expressive, ranging from large to small formats, created with both speed and gestural precision. Some pieces are intricately overlaid with meticulous details. His painting appears to begin with expressiveness, and this gesture seems to have no end. The sketch–like quality often gives the impression that one must make it visible through continuous repetition, as if it would otherwise vanish without the active process of painting – like a fleeting apparition.


Ofir Dor, David Abbott, Juan Fernández Álava, Claus Voss Cordeiro

August 5th – August 25th
Opening on Friday, August 4th, 5 – 9 pm
Köthener Strasse 28
10963 Berlin

Showroom – Novus


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