Dear Reader, we present you this new series of illustrations of tarot cards and the matching explainations. Follow the Stars!

The Magician is a very special card, it’s usually the number 1 of the major arcana and always a sign of change which only manifests, if we act instead of just reacting to what we’re facing or what’s bothering us. The card always displays tools, such as the wand, the sword, the coin and the cup, which are essential to do the magical work. They represent spiritual growth, the harvest tools for the seed you’ve planted, the forces through the physical body and different aspects of our personality. The journey of your true self has just begun, use these tools wisely and the energy of manifestation will flow through you, in order to achieve your desired goals. If you’re feeling blocked, this card is a severe waning; you haven’t used this power inside you correctly or that you have to make some major decisions, which force you into taking actions.

Take a closer look at the card, what do the symbols represent for you and your daily life? Maybe you ignoring signs or you run away from important decisions. Take a deep breath, focus on what is going on inside your mind and listen to that voice within, which may give you good advice. Don’t forget, manifestation only happens if you channeling all you energy into or onto your desired goal, but beware it’s always a thin line between ‘black’ and ‘white’ magic, so keep yourself in balance.


The wand: the power of manifestation through will and mind. Think positive and your soul attracts other positive souls. If you think negative thoughts, you will attract negativity.

Sword: power and wisdom, which comes through practice or meditation. Use it as a weapon or as a tool to harvest. The second path is always the most rewarding one.

Infinity sign or the eye of Horus: perception and the light of the infinite universal forces. Let this energy flow through you and act consciously, rather than simply react.

Coin: talent and spiritual forces set into the human body. Concentrate on what you can do best, before you face something you haven’t done before. If you’re ready to move on, move on.

The cup: mix and blend of different strengths and weaknesses. They can be stirred into a ‘magical brew’ and represent the relationship between body and mind. Take care about yourself, before you give all your energy away. Observe your own personality and your well known patterns. Are they working for you?

Monkey: flexibility and playfulness, sometimes a warning to be more responsible.

Mercury or Hermes: the magician him- or herself and the higher power of the unknown. Ask more questions and communicate with others, before you make important alterations in your life’s path.

Winged egg: unknown strengths you may discover during your journey. In the end we’re all just humans.


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