A(rt) Week in Media KW37

With the art week 2022 challenges are arising from the ashes of the post-pandemic society. How will we face the changes of the art and commerce balance? #tbc

Dinner Table Philosphy: A fine line between art and commerce…

My personal art week in 2022 startet with an intimate dinner, set in one of the „the Playce“ within Berlins at the Potsdamer Platz. An event that has projected a few new and some old faces, as well as old challenges. Why is the concept of „the mall“ not established in Germany yet? After the guided tour trough the series of installed art works, commissioned by Brookfield Property, a development company based in Canada, the business chatter continued and some of the new ideals and values of Berlins gate keepers were discussed. Representing the arts, the event hosted prestigious guests such as the leaders of the movie festival Berlinale, art crtitics, socialites and other opinion makers. The redesign of the mall will combine art, crafts, design, fashion, high end dining represented by the Manifesto Market and a gen z approved gaming opportunities.

We may eat vegan, but we’re still Hungry…

After misplacing a sentence or two unintentionally, I figured it was the best to listen and line in, once I’ve got the air back after being in quarantine for over a week. Between the fabulous grilled egg plants with hummus and plenty of organic white wine–served by a diverse and professional cast–the art accompanies the purpose of this evening. Whilst I had a night full fabulous chatters and serious criticisms about the art and movie scene, the main goal of this night was to gather diverse disciplines within Berlin’s cultural Avant-Garde and seat them next to entreprenuers in order to establish and discuss the new version of Berlin original master plan.

A risky but thought worthy side of the project is to support and keep the art scene as source of income as well as development, especially in terms of a post pandemic art scene, which mirrors the general urge for new ideals and values within the needs of an ever-changing society and environment. At last I made three new friends within the queer art scene and left happily ever after the night in a reasonable condition, just on time. All artists will display their works until February 2023, whilst „the Playce“ will open in autumn ’22.

The Power of the block chain and a post pandemic struggle

Besides countless other exhibitions for this years art week, another few highlights are the „YOYI- care, repair & heal“ exhibition at the Walter-Gropius Bau, displaying various perspectives on consumerism, social bias and the sources of networks. The lastest exhibition holds the opportunity to reflect about two years of the COVID19 pandemic and individual cooping mechanism in a post-pandemic society. How much is actually broken and why are we facing more up to this date, are just two possible questions of mine, which has been answered within the exhibition.

Another highlight is the well curated positions art fair, placed in the prestigious halls of the former Tempelhof airport hangars. Featuring a solid range of new artists as well as established names and topics, the positions contains quite a variety of hidden gems for serious collectors. Art lovers have the opportunity to get some inspiration, talk to artists and gallerists or simply stroll between the stunning and well as thought trough collections. Personal protagonists within the art fair is the gallery FeldbuschWiesnerRudolph and their handpicked artists Marta Djourina, as well as Paul Pretzer and Daniel M.E. Schaal. Another worth to be seen exhibition is „Your taste on the lips“, which enhances social debates such as police cruelty, war refugees and the eurozentric perspective.

But the Story continued…

Within the art week ’22 the fluentum shows a range of movies and artists in the former air-raid shelter, which is based on a non-profit organisation. This Saturdays book presentation will host the creators of Medias Res #2: Architecture in Motion and take place from 4 – 7 pm. Read more about the exhibition here.