Voyemo – An Italian Journey

With Riccardo Barile, his clients and a new creative agency for curated and private wanderlust. A perfect pitch for every Diamond in urge for a retreat!


The Luxury Package for you+

The airplane arrives at the airport of Alba and it’s no surprise, that the weather is already perfect on this day in April. Riccardo Barile welcomes his clients with a bright smile, just two weeks after opening his own agency for a new experience of curated wanderlust. Everything is planned accordingly to what the cosmopolitan couple had requested, when they first approached Voyemo.

Now the package is ready to be unwrapped. No wish, no request will be impossible and delivered on point, Barile promises. A helicopter flight was on the wishlist, also several evening events and a wine tour. Sounds profound, but the devil is in the details. Especially the smallest one can make a huge difference, compared to other made-to-measure experiences and there also was a budget to work with. Barile stays aside, destined switch his clients into a holiday mood, almost like a younger, millennial version of the famous first butler of Downton Abbey. His aim, serving the best opportunities for unique moments and definitely unforgettable memories.

Expect the Unexpected

After settling down, the couple has the opportunity to embrace the mood and the incredible light, while the sun slowly fades into the picturesque landscape of the Langhe region. The sky quickly turns into a baldaquin of stars and already waiting is the perfectly curated Aperitivo with regional delicatessen, including a selected range of wines to wrap up the culinary mini excursion, before the couple is heading off to the first highlight: a private dinner on a rooftop with a view over the landscape. He starts local and goes international in small steps.

Cosy and private at the same time: the chosen boutique hotel with a terrace, butler and in-house chef, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The restaurants on Voyemo’s curated menu, always includes this certain je ne sais quoi, which are only offered by a few houses. The stunning location, paired with traditional cuisine or the exceptional and more avant-garde adaption of what is on the plate, the team seeks out places to surprise their clientele with elegance, quality and always bring in this unexpected wow-effect.

Nothing can be compared to the new life that the discovery of another country provides for a thoughtful person. Although I am still the same I believe to have changed to the bones.

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Italian Journey

Every Desire will be satisfied

Just two weeks before, the couple had hired Barile, to make sure their holidays would be unique and relaxed, as a reaction to stressful travel experiences in the past, they simply wanted a journey to turn off their minds and just be. At first sight, they felt a bit overwhelmed, talking the arrangement which has been made for the hard working couple. Just be, seems to be an important goal in these times, where even holidays become work in order to make them somehow special and most importantly, a time to reconnect with the own personality.

Barile knows why. In his imagination of the perfect vacation, is no endless planning or desperate searching for the perfect place, „only the focus on that time you spend with your loved ones“. „This time should be free of external pressure and there should be no question to find this exclusive restaurant or iconic monument“. „If you have something in mind, just ask“ he explained to his customers, while he already had a vision of how he wanted to spoil them.

Barile with his clients, discovering the history and parts of the art scene in Venice.

Intuition and a Sense of style

With that very intuitive sense in his mind, he hired an advanced team, including a chauffeur, butler and of course other experts such as a professional photographer and charismatic tour guides to almost every possible destination a client could desire to explore.

For more intimate moments and the art of letting go, a team of yoga teachers and personal trainers can be booked aside. „It’s the perfect balance of intimacy and adventures, which are on the portfolio of Voyemo’s tailored experiences,“ he elaborates. „The team is also invisible, if you prefer less staff around you“. Therefore the wine tour is a little bit more quiet, than usually expected and introduced by the owner of the vineyard himself. The following culinary surprise on the yard, prepared with a family alike atmosphere and surrounded by grapevines, doesn’t have to be mentioned here, as there is too much room for your own imagination.

Europe in your Hands

But this is only a sneak peak of many customized services Barile and his team offers, to make his clients feel nurtured in the best sense of meaning. While other agencies tend to digitalize every single option or service, it’s the personal note which comes with hiring Voyemo. Booking or changing flights might happen online and with a single message, but the best kept secrets, signature dishes and award winning chefs are definitely worth to be discussed and booked, before heading off.

Spectacular View From The Helicopter

Besides destinations in Piedmont, Sicily, Crete and the Cyclades, Barile also organizes trips to cities known for their night life, such as Berlin and Lisbon, while he constantly works on partnerships with locals. He also works with the Italian government to make sure, that everything is not only enjoyable for his clients, but also supporting the charitable concept of sharing ideas around the globe, in order to create new jobs and handle social difficulties. „Working closely with locals is generally important to create a work environment, which is trust worthy and delivering the luxury, people all over the world aspire, when they’re discovering new cultures“ Barile said.

A person does not grow from the ground like a vine or a tree, one is not part of a plot of land. Mankind has legs so it can wander.

 Roman Payne, The Wanderess

The Luxury of Time and space

The next morning starts late at the dreamy boutique hotel, which the couple has picked from various alternatives including five star hotels or private cottages, while the sunny-side-up is already on its way to the breakfast table.

„Time is the only luxury item, you can’t buy in a fancy concept store or online,“ he explained. Another culinary variety on Barile’s plate is the in-house chef, who serves breakfast, lunch or dinner, according to the daily schedule. After the expanded prima colazione, the helicopter will bring the stunned couple to their next destination: the melancholic bay of Venice.

Iconic: the gondoliers at the Venice bay

Your Holidays will be something to remember

Another highlight is the historical boat, waiting for a ride through the bay and to the island San Giorgio Maggiore. Not without an additional goodie of Voyemo’s Signature Essentials, Christopher, a professional photographer, who will follow the couple and highlight them for the day. While he ensures that no Instagram worthy motive is missed out and every detail or mood is captured in authentic images, they’re simply in love with the view and the history of Venice. Barile is again a step ahead and has booked some casual appointments. First on the menu, a visit of the Palazzo Contarini, named after one of the eight doge families, and approached to some secret family stories by a private guide.

Later on a largely kept time slot follows. To shop some of Italy’s finest clothes–and of course giving some advice where to find the iconic Bussolai–these are intimate last moments for the couple, before they’re heading back to the USA later this evening.Arrived back home, the trip isn’t completely over. Just as we’re ending our journey with Barile and his vision of curated luxury travel, the couple received their editorial booklet of the Italian Journey. A memorable souvenir of a new ready-to-travel experience and more importantly, an album full of joyful images and unique moments.


This article is a collaboration with Voyemo, the travel agency for bespoke luxury traveling and curated wanderlust.
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