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I’m a journalist and artist, born in 1992 and a fucking millennial – what ever that defines? In need for answers, I began to read more and write everything down, which was challenging my label-awareness. To get closures, new ideas and more importantly: my own voice in a society where everyone can or cannot be a unicorn – who knows that for sure? My goal is to change the way of peoples thinking. Our world isn’t divided in black or white anymore.

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Just a few more words about: Me, again…

But while I prefer all shades of colours, all kinds of mentalities and the capability to discuss, share, like or dislike opinions, without neglect but with an open and present thinking mind, there’s still a huge part in me fighting the worlds countless stigmas, a growing hypersensitivity when it comes to political correctness or simply for acceptance and diversity.

Personally I have a rather cynical humor, mostly when it comes to myself, I’m gay (including some other parts of the colourful spectrum) and work in fashion, lifestyle and journalism for almost ten years, seven of it spent in our fabulous german capital, Berlin. Originally educated in the south-west of Germany, I found a social structure full of do’s and don’ts. Capital thinking, I might have thought, but I knew they were wrong. The second everything seems perfect, the actual work starts: living in the moment and sharing the spirit of equality, especially in times, where we’re facing political difficulties and racism all over the world.

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Share rather than horde and don’t overthink about the change, do something with your heart and soul. It might be surprisingly successful in the end. Thats my believe after years I’ve spent around greedy south-western Germans and their christian way of covering up the truth. But aren’t we all blind sometimes?

Are we on the same page? Probably not, but we have many more to cover at B’SPOQUE. Isn’s this attitude of connection instead of division and the idea of supporting other young visionaries, what we should do, in order to change at least something? Check out the rest of our aspiring avant-garde platt form for and with our Berliners and other creatives from all over the globe.

Alex Renaldy


08 / 2018 – today
| Editor in Chief / Owner;
B’SPOQUE magazine, Berlin

05 / 2017 – 09 / 2018
| Art / Creative Director;
EVE images, Berlin

04 / 2016 – 04 / 2017
| Editor in Chief / Founder;
B’SPOQUE Magazine DE / ENG, Berlin

06 / 2015 – 01 / 2015
| Contributing Editor / Marketing;
Flair & H.O.M.E. Magazin DE / A, Berlin

01 / 2015 – today
| Editor / Creative Consultant;
Various, Berlin

03 / 2015 – 06 / 2015
| Assistance Online Marketing;
Vestiaire Collective, Berlin

01 / 2013 – 01 / 2015
| Buying / Content Creation;
The Corner Berlin, Berlin

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